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Data Science & Visualizations

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Data Science

Get novel insights out of your data through the application of machine learning and satistical methods, such as k-means, naive bayes, community detection, regression, outlier detection, etc.

Data Visualization

Ad-hoc visualizations give an instant grasp on your data and expedite the application of data science methods on top of it. Mature interactive & navigatable graphs provide you with an intuitive way to explore and dive deep into your data.

Event-driven Architectures

Awake your application with a heartbeat: make it real-time, resilient and dynamic for the future. Event-driven architectures consist of modular building blocks and leverage the user experience.

Web Scraping & Real-time Events

Monitor any accessible source for relevant changes, be it internally or somewhere remotely in the internet. Design your application to be real-time where it suits you best. Empower any visualization with dynamic aspects to get an intuitive look and feel, along with instant informations.

The above example graph is a real-time visualization of a Twitter live-stream:

  • Events are floating in from right to left along the time axis.
  • Firebase enables the real-time aspect of this graph by acting as the event-driven storage.
  • A cloud worker constantly updates the firebase storage with scraped information, which in turn emits notifications to all connected clients.
  • Modern web applications support the mobile-first paradigm through responsive designs. Resize your window and watch the graph to scale perfectly.
  • Hover over the bubbles to get more information and a clickable link for the individual twitter post.

Interactive & Navigatable Graphs

Invent your own novel and interactive graphs, tailored to match your multidimensional dataset, as well as your very specific requirements. Empower your stakeholders to go from top-level aggregated views deep into identifying the relevant data fragments. Use the latest web technologies to create a satisfying user experience.

Virtual Realities

The Hybrid Urban Visualization (HUVis) project established 3D virtual models of city development zones in Basel. These models enable city builders to objectively compare proposals from architects and choose the most suitable among them. The combination of a virtualized reality with virtual models enables the intuitive perception of a possible future, especially when 3D glasses take the immersion to another level.

Owner & Founder

Dominic Bosch
MSc Computer Science