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Data Science & Visualizations

Improve your awareness

Data Science

Get novel insights out of your data through the application of proven data analytics and latest machine learning advances.

Data Visualization

Ad-hoc visualizations give an instant grasp on your data and expedite the application of data science methods on top of it. Established interactive & navigatable graphs provide you with an intuitive way to explore and dive deep into your data.

Event-driven Architectures

Awake your application with a heartbeat: make it real-time, resilient and dynamic for the future. Event-driven architectures consist of modular building blocks and leverage the user experience, giving them the feeling of an alive system.

Interactive & Navigatable Graphs

Do you strive for more than the default visualizations everywhere available?

We strive to understand your needs for the perfectly customized visualization that drives your business and lets you excel since you have the time to focus on the meaning of the data, rather than the preparation thereof.

Visualizations are more than just a static graph. Bring them to life with dynamic aspects such as drills and real-time informations. Leverage the possibility to aggregate a vast amount of data into a multi-dimensional visualization, suitable for an overview, as well as for a deep dive into the heart of your company.

Internet of Things

Thinking of joining an interconnected world that takes weight off your shoulders?

Small but very powerful general purpose devices are flooding the market and wait to be turned into autonomous balcony humidifers or a lawn littering cat chasers. Today it is possible to execute complex machine learning tasks, on small devices such as running a neural network. The sky is the limit, but maybe not even that.

Together with 3D Printing, the Internet of Things is capable of producing professional looking, capable devices that do what helps you best in concentrating on the important things in your life.

Virtual & Physical 3D Models

Are you making the split between reality and virtuality?

We are passionate about todays possibilities of 3D modelling and printing. It empowers custom solutions, which was not possible at all a few years ago, and even at affordable prices. The combination of 3D printing and the Internet of Things opens a new world where professional custom devices can be developed at a low cost.

Dominic Bosch developed his 3D skills as part of the Hybrid Urban Visualization (HUVis) project, where virtual models of city zones in Basel enabled city builders to compare architectural proposals and get an immersive experience on how the future might look.

Web Scraping & Real-time Events

Did you identify resources in the internet or internally that change and you don't want to miss it by any means?

Today, still a vast amount of resources in the internet or within companies do not allow you to register yourself for change notifications. The use of web scraping methods, together with the appropriate real-time architecture enables you to receive real-time messages such as push notifications on your mobile or an email.

Another option would be to feed captured events from anywhere in the world into your existing system landscape as a digital twin of the occurring event, driving your business and reducing your workflow time consumption.

... or choose to monitor such resources over a longer time period and have analytics placed on top of the gathered data ...

Owner & Founder

Dominic Bosch
MSc Computer Science